Terms & Conditions
**Please read this document carefully. Contact the director with any questions you may have regarding your understanding of this Terms & Conditions**


Application Fees are Non-Refundable under any circumstances.
I agree to represent the Miss Arab USA Pageant Committee with professionalism and will represent their events in a professional manner.
I do hereby authorize Miss Arab USA Pageant to use any photos/videos of me uploaded to my pageant online profile or taken during my participation in the pageant, as they deem appropriate including commercial purposes. All photos/videos are considered property of Miss Arab USA Pageant. I waive the right to withdraw this authorization in the future. I also waive the right to claim future compensation for its use. There is no time limit on the validity of this release nor is there any geographic limitation on where these materials may be distributed or used.
I agree to refer any request for appearances to the director of the Miss Arab USA Pageant. This includes ALL requests made by civic groups, school organizations, other pageant directors, former directors, and other preliminary winners. I understand that any requests to speak with the media (print and electronic) will be forwarded to the pageant staff.
I understand that failure to make appearances will result in the loss of my participation in Miss Arab USA Pageant.
I understand that I will dress appropriately when in the community and be properly groomed with make-up, proper clothing, and hair and nails properly groomed.
I will be on time for all pageant process and will be appropriately dressed for each appearance. I understand that there is never an excuse for being late to an appearance and will make the necessary arrangements to be on time. I will arrive at the appearance refreshed and will never look tired, bored, or otherwise distracted. I will conduct myself in a manner that will uphold the dignity and honor of the pageant.
If I have a FaceBook or MySpace account, I understand that inappropriate pictures and/or language should be removed in order to uphold the dignity of the pageant. I agree to make the FaceBook and MySpace profiles available to the director for viewing (in the form of becoming friends on these websites).
I understand that I am responsible for reporting any conflicts associated with the Miss Arab USA Pageant to the director/staff immediately.
I agree that I will exercise complete confidentiality with my director/pageant staff. I will in no way damage the reputation or the integrity of the Miss Arab USA Pageant, pageant staff or others involved in the pageant.
I agree that if I am selected as Miss Arab USA, I will serve as Miss Arab USA until my successor is selected or appointed.
I understand that appearances for pageant are mandatory and may not be missed.
I understand that it is my responsibility to clear my calendar of any potential conflicts in order to attend these functions.