How it works?

The Goal of this Pageant is to select a Honorable Arab young lady to represent our Culture in the US & worldwide for one year. Miss Arab USA Pageant will be different than any other Pageants around the world. Swimsuit competition as well as body qualifications will not be in effect in our pageant, we pride ourselves in the Beauty of the Mind, Community pride and education. The Pageant winner will be chosen based upon her general Elegance, Education and world knowledge, Skill set, Talents, Community involvement and service.

The Organization will start accepting Pageant Applications for the 2018 Miss Arab Pageant January 15th to August 31st 2017. All applications must be submitted online through Our official website:


1. Submit Register Online. The initial registration fees will be $50.00. This is an application fee and it's Non-Refundable. This is strictly for your application submission.

2. Access to a Private Area to create your online Personal Profile, along with pictures, bios, and more!

3. Judge's Committee will review all participants profiles, selecting the Top 100 applicants.

4. Judge's Committee will process those selected 100, for Phone interviews.

5. Judge's Committee will select 20 Applicants out of those 100 Participants. Those 20 young ladies will be selected for The Semi-Finals.

6. The 20 Selected Girls will need to submit a Final Pageant Registration Fee of $350.00. These Pageant Semi-finalists will be responsible for their own travel expenses to and from pageant location, and their clothes. The Miss Arab USA Organization will be responsible for local ground transportation, Hotel accommodation, meals, hair, and make-up.

7. Once you arrive, you will be entered into a one week program, where you will be trained for the Final Pageant.

8. The Judging Panel will select 5 girls out of the 20 for the Finals. There will be 1 Miss Arab USA, 1 Miss Arab USA 1st Runner up, 1 Miss Arab USA 2nd runner up, 1 Miss Arab USA people's choice and 1 Miss Arab USA Talent.

The Winner of The Miss Arab USA Pageant will receive Prizes, have a reign of 1 year, and will wear the official crown and sash for her title.